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Simplifying Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Gate Access Control Systems

Whether you own a single-family home or you're an apartment community tycoon, knowing proper entry access control is crucial to the safety of your property. Read this simplified guide to learn more.
Written by
Clayton Holland @ Your New Gate Company
Published on
29 February 2024


In the realm of property management, commercial spaces, and homeowners' associations, security is paramount. As crime rates continue to rise, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. Gated communities and properties often rely on gate security systems to enhance safety for residents and visitors.

But isn't premium access control more than just a gate out front? In this guide, we explore the various components and types of gate access control systems, shedding light on the integrated solutions that can elevate security for your community or property.

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What is a gate security system? And how is different from a gate out front?

A gate security system is a set of devices designed to control access to a specific area. It's not just the gate and lock with standing guards like a 16th century French castle. Modern day technology allows us to automate our security processes like never before, saving time, money, and ensuring even better access control than ever before. Now, systems integrate components like gate operators, locks, credentials, and readers to creating a unified system that only you (and your employees) can control. The goal is to automate access control, capture detailed data, and enable remote monitoring of each access point. Not only does a full-scale system create automating safety easier, it also provides a premium feel to a once before ordinary space.

Why Integrated Systems Matter

Many gated communities (and properties) struggle with chaotic, jumbled systems governing resident and visitor access. Standalone products often lead to poor security, reporting, and resident/visitor experiences. The lack of integration hampers system administration and data control, resulting in suboptimal security measures. Key components of an integrated gate security system include:

  • Gate Operators: Manages the opening and closing of gates.
  • Automated Locks: Secures the entrance when the gate is open.
  • Credential Authorization: Authenticate individuals for access.
  • Readers: Identify credentials and control gate operation based on validity.
  • Intercoms: Allows you to see and communication with visitors or residents.

Each of these combined into one unified system greatly improves the overall security control of a property. When professionally built and installed, they work in unison to automate processes, making your job easier. But each of those can be broken down into specific technologies.

Types of Access Entry Components:

There are many manufacturers for automated gate entry systems, but you only need to know the types of entry systems to build your knowledge base.

  • Telephone Entry Units (TES): These enable two-way communication between residents and visitors. They're evolving from analog to IP-based units with advanced features. They also provide real-time tracking and image capture for security.
  • RFID Readers: These use radio waves to read data from RFID tags. They offer non-transferable transponders with longer lifespans. Also, they allow tracking of vehicles within the community.
  • Card/FOB Readers: They utilize PIN codes for gate access. The downside is that they're vulnerable to sharing and lack advanced features. Solutions include digital ePasses for more secure entry.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR): These capture and store license plate information, which enhances security with detailed vehicle tracking. You can address privacy concerns through careful implementation.
  • Mobile Credentials: These replace physical credentials with secure mobile options. They're inherently more secure, issued and deactivated remotely. They're perfectly suitable for tech-savvy communities.
  • Visitor Management: These are integral for guard-gated communities. It allows residents to manage visitor lists. These can be integrated with license plate recognition and access control.

There are many more components, but too many to list here. To learn more about what you might need, contact us and we'll work together to solve your needs!

Choosing the Right System for Your Community

As a property manager or HOA board member, the responsibility of protecting residents and properties is crucial. When selecting a security system, consider its alignment with daily activities. The focus should be on practicality, efficiency, and seamless integration.

Each application has a different solution. For example, some gated communities (like apartment complexes) could have hundreds of tenants using the same entry/exit gate. Or, you might have multiple entry/exit access points. These needs to be in sync and integrated with each other for seamless security control. The hardware needed for thousands of opens and closes per day is vastly different from a smaller multi-family housing community which might only have about 30 opens and closes per day.

For these high-demand applications, we might recommend a LiftMaster® CAPXM Multi-Tenant video entry system, a long-range card reader, a LiftMaster® CSL24UL slide gate operator, a solar unit, and a heavy duty steel slide gate from Your New Gate Company fabrications. These integrated components must be professionally installed and are part of a larger security system. These solutions are not what you would use for smaller-demand applications.

Conclusion: Your New Gate Company's Comprehensive Solution

For those seeking the right solution, YNGC® offers an all-in-one access control system consultation, fabrication, and install. This ensures we can combine visitor management, access control, and more to prioritize the safety of your community or property. Let's make sure you're secured by choosing a security system that aligns with your specific needs.

Ready to make the transition? Contact us for a free quote with YNGC® to explore how our integrated solution can enhance security and streamline operations for your commercial property.

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