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YNGC: Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are automated gate systems that allow you to secure your property and open the gate for your guests. Its system is connected to your telephone from anywhere you are at any time, allowing you to open your gates with a simple button press. 

In a scenario where your guest is at the gate, they enter a specific code to the keypad. Since the keypad is connected to your phone, you’ll get a notification that someone is at your gate. You can then answer the call, speak to your guest, the speaker at the gate, and get to know who they are. Knowing who your guest is, you can press the button on your phone, and the gates automatically open for your friend to pull into the driveway. It’s a simple gate entry system that grants you authority to be in control of your property security. it comprised Doorking, Sentex, LiftMaster, BFT, Linear, Viking, FAAC, and Bosch Access

Who can use telephone entry systems?

Anyone with granted access can use the telephone entry system regarding automated gate services as it’s a versatile system. It can be installed on several types of property as much as it meets clients’ needs. with that in mind, let’s check on the most common location where a telephone entry system can be installed

  • In apartments complex

With the trend of the modern method of providing security, automated gates work best for an apartment complex as they help keep residential property safe and protected from the intrusion of non-resident people. However, most apartment buildings tend to use entry cards for the automated gates, allowing residents to access their property in and out. But at times residents tend to place some orders that need to be delivered at their respective places or expecting their guests. In such cases the telephone entry system has proved to be much more effective. The system provides both safety and convenience to guests and delivery services. It’s safe in a way that non-residents can have the keypad codes but are not granted access to the apartment complex.

  • Homeowners

Most homeowners are currently opting for a telephone entry system for their security. It provides some extra security to the family, eliminating the need to worry about how they’ll let their guests in. with the system, delivery drivers, guests, and relatives can access the premise, but homeowners will still maintain their security.

  • Businesses getting more deliveries

As much as security is concerned, most organizations enforce automated gate services to grant them the security they all need. Such businesses use entry cards or telephone entry systems for employees to access the property in and out safely. But for businesses expecting deliveries several times daily, the telephone entry system doesn’t leave business owners struggling to make sacrifices for security convenience.

telephone entry systems

Why should you use a telephone entry system to safeguard your security?

The telephone entry system works in handy with automated gates, ensuring your safety and security. However, there are still various reasons you consider a telephone entry system.

  • It provides the safest way to welcome your guests.

There’s no need to worry much about your security with automated gates at your property. With the system, you can keep off intruders, robbers, or vandals from your property. But you don’t have to use the same for your friends, relatives, or guests. the system provides you the safest way to let your guest, family, and friends on your property. 

  • Simplified control

With a telephone entry system, you can control your automated gate anywhere. You may not necessarily have to be on your premises to welcome your guests in. Once the telephone entry system is connected to your phone, you can open your gate from wherever you are. For instance, your relatives arrive at your home for holidays while working or at a store. 

  • Flexibilities

Telephone entry systems can be connected with other systems allowing you to use a keypad entry system, a remote-control system, or some other method of gate entry. Therefore telephone entry services give you an excellent addition to your automated gate.

How is YNGC different from modern security systems

Typically, telephone entry systems will always positively impact your security and convenience. As much as that’s concerned,  YNGC is always ready to provide you with installation services for all Atlanta’s gate installation needs. But why YNGC?

  • Years of experience

YNGC has over 50 years of experience in gate installation, from which they have extended knowledge about the ins and outs of automated gates. They also provide efficient and effective solutions that honor them with their extended years of experience. Regarding security issues, you can always get what you need with the help of an experienced team that understands what they do. 

  • They handle everything

As soon as you need a telephone entry system installation, the YNGC team is always ready to handle everything for you. from the initial installation to repair and regular maintenance, you don’t have to break the bank hiring multiple companies. At the same time, YNGC can take care of everything relating to your gate. 

  • Customers satisfaction

YNGC always puts customers’ needs ahead of everything and provides solutions that exceed clients’ needs to maintain a great reputation. They deliver the installation services clients need not settle for less. Therefore, for all matters regarding gate installation extended services, do not hesitate to contact YNGC as all client’s issues matter to them. 


With everything concerned regarding modern security and automated gate services, you might be interested in installing a telephone entry system for your automated gates or learning much about the automated gate services YNGC can provide for you. Therefore with all matters addressed, you can always rely on YNGC for perfect solution services to your security needs. Don’t Let That Gate of Yours Stay Broken. Call them at (404)242-5639 and make your free estimate request to discuss what you need from your gates. Find out why Atlanta residents choose YNGC for their automated gate needs.