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Here is our Security Solutions.

We offer a wide range of services from design and installation of access control systems to availability of gate systems and video surveillance services. No matter what size your business is, and what location it is situated at, we’ll be there for you. Even if you’re shifting to some other work-place or leveling up your business technology, Your New Gate Company is the security solution that you and your company must rely on.

Access Control : It creates a safe environment for your clients and visitors with commercial access control systems. Controlling and Regulating Access to your building is the main activity of all the access control equipment. The thing is that physical security and access control security have gained importance and become essential in all these years. 

Organizations in search for more enhanced features, increased flexibility and having better security kinds of security solutions, have a greater hand in driving the growth, demand and innovation of these security solutions. The right kind of access control system will solve all the problems and create an efficient environment to carry out the work.‘ Your New Gate Company has integrated systems, IP Access Control Systems and Locks & Keypads for your safety and security.

Advanced Screening Solutions : It combines advanced screening into your current security system for a safer, healthier and more flexible environment. Video surveillance in Atlanta has become very common and every second person wants to install it for a safer environment. Through advanced screening solutions we keep our staff, visitors and customers safe and secure as this is the most important thing for all the business.

Video Surveillance Atlanta : For customers in Atlanta we offer full CCTV Security Camera Products and Video Surveillance at a very reasonable pricing. We help and guide you by providing free cost analysis and also to find the best option based on your budget. Our team of professional experts will help with any technical issue or questions occurring related to your camera systems. We deal in High Definition Cameras, IP Video Systems and Video Management.

Gate Systems : It’s time you automate your doors and replace them with ‘Your New Gate Company’s ,  effective gate systems. These gate systems will allow people to enter and exit very quickly and conveniently in any area of the building. These gate systems are easily installed and will provide you the best security to keep your building and people safe.

Consulting and Design : ‘Your New Gate Company’ has a team of  specialized Professional Expertise that helps you not only in your commercial but also in your residential property or business. For us, it doesn’t matter if the project is too big or too small. The only thing that we care about is your safety and will. We customize our services according to our customer’s will and demand. You can consult our professional team and get your interior designed as per your liking and wish.

CCTV Solution : Security Camera systems for businesses have a special set of components that help you in protecting your business against criminals. The CCTV Solution of ‘Your New Gate Company’ gives you a service as well as security assurance by monitoring and reporting all the activities happening around. The CCTV cameras are accessible from anywhere and serve a great helping hand in protecting the integrity of your organization.

Here, at Your New Gate Company, we make sure that the clients meet all the possible IT Requirements in today’s competitive and frequently changing business environment. We have our experienced team of representatives who are highly trained engineers who work directly with you so that customized IT Solutions are developed that fits perfectly in your company’s specifications and doesn’t go over your budget.