Services of 'Your New Gate Company'

Your New Gate Company is an electronic device and consulting & design company situated in Woodstock, Georgia. We offer products and services for all your Security, access control, and video surveillance needs. We are known as an access control system company, video surveillance company, security surveillance company, and CCTV installation company.

We understand that replacing your old security system with new ones is not an easy task. That’s why ‘Your New Gate Company’ is here to solve all your problems. We can help you find the right solution for your entry and security needs. We hold a full line of commercial and residential gate operators, CCTV Surveillance systems, High Definition Video Cameras, etc.

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Our Products & Services include:

  • Gates 
  • Gate operators
  • Telephone entry intercom system
  • Telephone entry systems
  • CCTV surveillance system 
  • Knox Boxes
  • High definition video cameras
  • Emergency call stations
  • Card readers
  • Keypads 
  • Parking control.
  • Electromagnetic Locks


Whether its about installing or servicing a gate system, access control system or video surveillance system, we’ve got you covered The GPS dispatch of the CCTV Cameras installation will give you the peace of mind that you deserve, and you will not have to worry about any service needed to be done in your business organization.

We focus and believe in providing services with the latest technology so that you don’t have to suffer from technical issues. Adding or replacing your existing gate system, security system, or CCTV Surveillance system is not easy. It needs time, money, proper consultation, and a trusted Gate System Company.

Why choose us?

We feel safe to say that ‘Your New Gate Company’ is one of Atlanta’s most efficient and trusted Gate Companies. We make sure that we provide the best of services to our customers to make them happy. Here’s a piece of advice for you, whether you’re getting a new security system installed for aesthetic purposes or security, don’t trust just any gate system company. Quality and security matter a lot, and if you want to experience both things in the best way, you are in the right place.

‘Your New Gate Company’ provides a full line of gates, gate operators, telephone entry intercom systems, telephone entry systems, maglock doors, electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, CCTV surveillance system, alarm panels, high definition video cameras, card readers, keypads, emergency call stations, and parking control.

What kind of services do we provide?

  • Personalized Service: We offer services as per your customization. You can schedule the day and time as per your choice by which you would like our team to reach your location. We have set up a free estimate and provide services customized according to your budget.
  • Innovative Solutions: There’s no need to worry. One of our professional experts will arrive on time when you are scheduled to take the service, all set and ready to help you install your new Security System.
  • You can choose your options: After choosing ‘Your New Gate Company,’ you’ll get many opportunities for designs, equipment, and security systems before installation. You can choose any method or location for getting your security system installed
  • Guaranteed Installation: Our team of professional experts is highly trained and fully knows what they are doing. They might also be the best guidance team for you who will tell you about the different qualities and kinds of security systems and make you aware of their benefits. Our highly trained team of experts will undergo and do a background check before starting your work on your home or business.

Let's make a happier and safer place!

Therefore, ‘Your New Gate Company’ guarantees your satisfaction. Our main aim is to keep our clients, customers, and visitors safe and secure, just like any other company or business. We feel safe to say that you are at the right place for making your home and business protected