Residential Electric Gate Repair in Atlanta

As the world faces a quick digitalization era, most people are now opting for automated gates services for security regarding how much it has to offer. Besides protecting intruders from accessing your premises, it also adds value to your investment and gives you inner peace of mind. However, as much as technology drastically improves, there also arises a need for a helping hand. At some point in your daily operations, the automated gate may break down and fail to function effectively, leading to unnecessary inconveniences. Therefore, under such situations, YNGC will always have your back with a ready team to help you with regular maintenance and troubleshooting services. With the experienced team, residential electric gate repair services will be done for the gate to get back to its normal operations as soon as possible.  

Whenever you experience a breakdown, there should be no need to worry about it, as you can get in touch with YNGC for the best solution regarding automated gate repair.

No need to hire personnel for guesswork services

It’s always frustrating to identify a problem but can’t tell what the pinpoint causes it. It makes troubleshooting difficult; therefore, hiring personnel who make random guesses about the issue may not be effective while YNGC is always on the case. Several companies tend to prod around your gates to find the problem YNGC doesn’t. They usually enforce a careful, step-by-step process that has been tested and proven for a couple of years. The process helps in diagnosing the issues quickly so that all issues can be fixed right away. By valuing time, YNGC works to eliminate the frustration out of the uncertainty. Therefore, there should be no more guesswork.

What can YNGC do for you?

Do you wonder what services YNGC offers for your automated support gates? From years of experience in the industry, they provide all kinds of services you may demand regarding automated gate repair. If you want to know, here are some of the services you can always get;

  • Wires that have been chewed by rodents/ rats.
  • Loose chains
  • Replacement of operators’ batteries.
  • Broken or rusted hinges
  • Faulty wheels
  • Poor lubrication,
  • Rodents and snakes that get stock in the sprockets 
  • Code changing/ User on the app changing/ adding, among other problem

Considering all the services available, should your automated gate have either of the issues, do not hesitate to contact YNGC for quick repair services. They take care of everything following their extended years of experience using special tools. with all that, you are free to discuss your gate issues with them before you can get started

Electric Repair services

Do your electric gate systems experience problems too? YNGC can still handle that for you since electric repair services are among their areas of expertise. considering electric repair services, here are some of the solutions you can get;

  • Faulty sensor
  • Faulty wires
  • Remote control or key card problems, and
  • Other problems

Electric repair is one of their specialties, and they are electrical experts; you can always rely upon them to get things done. All you need is to take about the issues and let them handle the rest in fixing your gate’s electric problem. 

What kind of gates does YNGC repair?

From a single gate to a double gate and from a lifting gate to a sliding gate,  YNGC can take care of your automated gate repair needs. With years of experience providing repair solutions to their clients, they have a manager to work on and repair all kinds of electric gates. Here are some of the  gates they can repair;

  • Miracle One
  • BFT
  • Sentex
  • Ramset swing, slide.
  • DKS DoorKing
  • Chamberlain
  • LiftMaster, Elite (SL-3000, CSW-200, Miracle One, Actuators overhead Hulcules)
  • FAAC Swing slides inground and barrier arm for parking.
  • Viking swing, slide.
  • Eagle swing, slide
  • Doorking swing, slide, barrier arm for parking and overhead
  • Viking Access Systems

They’ve generally repaired almost all kinds of electric gates. It gives them credits to repair your electric gate and restore it to its normal operations.

Why should you choose YNGC?

Considering what repair services and kind of gates YNGC can work on, there are still many reasons why you can rely on YNGC. While your home deserves the best, YNGC ensures they perform the kind of high-quality repairs your gates need. you can still check out more reasons why choosing YNGC can be the best option you’d make

  • Years of experience

YNGC has over 50 years of experience in the industry concerning installing, maintaining, and repairing automatic gates. Therefore, they clearly understand everything they do with the help of a highly specialized and trained repair specialist who handles all tasks with confidence to take care of all problems your electric gate might have. 

  • They are committed to quality work

To maintain a great reputation, they put work to their best level in every repair job they handle by treating each gate with care. They also get the job done fast, but YNGC pays much attention to detail; therefore, you’ll get a permanent problem fix. Poor repair job always leads to bigger problems later. However, the YNGC team would never treat our clients that way since they’ll never skip a step.

  • Committed to clients’ satisfaction

Clients’ satisfaction matters a lot. With that in mind, they do everything they can to make sure that clients get what they need. Clients are also free to follow up with questions and other inquiries if they are insatiable.

  • Efficiency

Unlike other repair services providers at YNGC, there’s smoothness and efficiency to all repair work. Whether it is a big or small problem, they clearly understand how efficient, quick and smooth makes a huge difference in repair services. They efficiently take care of repair services to ensure they offer the quality service necessary for your gate.

  • They understand the technology.

As we still live constantly developing technology, YNGC evolves with it as electric gates can change in 20 years. It’s to ensure they stay up to date with the new inventions, and they know how to install the latest gate tech and fix any problem that may happen.


With all matters addressing electric gate repair, do not be left wondering what to do, as you can get in touch with YNGC for quick electric repair services.