Remote Control Systems

Remote Control systems

With the current technological innovation, it’s now easier to open your electric gate using remote Control by pressing a button. Remote Control has made gate opening as easy as opening a garage door. In addition, Remote Control also allows you to combine convenience and security into one complete package. Suppose there’s a need to safeguard your security needs. In that case, the YNGC team is always ready to get you started by installing remote-controlled gates to provide the most convenient ways of protecting your property. They’ve managed to do several installations for Atlanta’s residents over a couple of years with extended years of experience.

If you are yet to try this new invention, YNGC will always have your back. You can improvise your security by calling them, and the team will respond to you, and they’ll have you well on your way to better security with our gate remote controls.

Where is remote Control applicable?

With various modern security inventions, most people prefer remote Control over automated gates since remote Controls are way simpler and can be kept in inconvenient places for quick access. Remote Control has gained popularity, making many people prefer it as most convenient and easy as aided by demographics. However, there are some places or people who can use remote Control for their security.

  • Families

YNGC has installed remote control system ms to several families in a nutshell. At times a family may become hectic, and parents would consider looking for solutions to keep their family protected and convenient. In such cases, remote Control can work best for the family. Remote control systems need no family members to memorize security code as it only needs each family member to have one. 

  • Non-commercial property owners

Remote control systems also tend to work best in property areas with less frequent to no visits. It gives property owners peace of mind as they only need to ensure everything is fine when they will not visit the property daily. Since you may not be using the gate more often, it may be quick for you to forget the security code, but that’s not the case when it comes to the remote control system. They make things simpler.

  • Single Homeowners and Empty Nesters

Single homeowners would prefer a remote control system to gates based on its convenience. Usually, these places grant access to one or two persons, and it gives enough reason why it would be effective to use a remote control system compared to open and close automated gate systems. 

remote control for gates

Why is a remote control system recommended?

There are endless benefits to considering remote control systems for security purposes. however, here are some of the reasons that recommend remote control system

  • Complete Control

With a remote control system installed at your gates, you’ll know who has access to the property. It gives full Control of who authorizes entry and exit of your premises. It leaves all intruders out in the cloud as only persons with the remote Control can open the gate. 

  • It’s simple and convenient

Remote control systems tend to be a bit simpler than all kinds of modern security installations as there’s nothing difficult in pressing a button. In addition, it’s only a matter of seconds to get access to your property. It’s convenient and doesn’t need you to roll down your car windows like keypads and cards. Its advantage is enjoyed the most in times of bad weather. 

  • Easy to combine with other systems

With the remote control system, it’s easier to combine with other systems when installing gates security, especially when guests are involved. The remote control system protects you from intruders, but you still won’t let your guest, family, or delivery drivers outside. You can combine remote control systems with other systems such as a telephone entry system or keypad. It still makes you stay in Control of your security while letting in your guests, family, and friends. 

  • It’s An Aesthetic Solution

For remote control systems, there’s to add anything bulky while installing the gate security system. However much safety comes first, it’s also important to consider a perfect solution that fits your overall aesthetic. That’s where remote Control comes in. it’s a simple and elegant system that won’t corrupt the look of your gate while also not drawing people’s attention to your gate.

Remote control system: YNGC difference

Considering a remote control system as your great choice, YNGC has your back in getting you started from the installation process. They’ve gained popularity among the residents of Atlanta based on the quality work they deliver. What makes YNGC different from the rest?

  • Years of experience

YNGC has over 50 years of experience in the industry concerning installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting security gates systems. Therefore, they clearly understand everything they do with the help of highly specialized and trained repair specialists who handle all tasks with confidence to take care of all installation progress and anything you may need assistance with. 

  • They handle everything

With YNGC, the job doesn’t end at the installation stage. They also offer all other gate-related solutions to their clients. If you always look forward to keeping things simple, you shouldn’t need to look for several companies, as YNGC offers much beyond remote control installation. They’ll also offer routine maintenance every six months and provide repairs if your gates ever need some extra attention.

  • Commitment to their clients

With an experienced team’s help, YNGC never rushes any installation process to ensure your remote control system will add safety to your property. They work to cut off the need to call several companies for the task. As clients’ satisfaction matters, they are also ready to address the concerns and queries related to security gate systems and remote control systems before getting the work done.


As everything is addressed concerning the remote control system from its installation to endless reasons why it’s recommended to you,  be sure to get all the solutions you need by contacting YNGC today. You enforce and control your security in the most convenient ways possible.