Magnetic Locks

In today’s world, the use of an automated gates security system is the best way to keep intruders away from accessing your property even if you are not around the premises. With that in mind, there’s also the need to ensure you maintain top-notch safety by making your gates more effective. Therefore, magnetic locks are one of the invented security systems designed to add extra security to your security gates. They are most effective, especially when you are out of the premises for work or in town,  and at night. But to get all these magnetic locks effective, there’s a need to have assistance. That’s where YNGC comes in. Having done installation to several automated gates in Atlanta, YNGC plays a great role in ensuring your property is kept safe in all possible ways. 

Who can use magnetic locks

As automated gates have gained popularity, most people have also considered using magnetic locks as they add some peace of mind to them

  • Homeowners and families

Since the automated gates security system provides security to families, most have opted to install magnetic locks to their gates to add some extra security. Parents can have peace of mind knowing they’ve kept their family and children safe from all possible harm. The same applies to single homeowners who consider magnetic locks for safety and precautions. Regardless of the number of people in a family, magnetic locks ensure effective protection for all members, property, and other possessions.

  • Commercial property owners

For commercial properties with automated gates, magnetic locks can also be installed to provide extra security for business operations. It greatly implies those businesses dealing with highly valuable goods and those with many physical stocks that need to be secured. For all these aspects, magnetic locks ensure business owners achieve security.

  • Any other property owners 

For any other kind of property with automated gates systems, magnetic lock systems can also help achieve peace of mind. You may not need to worry whenever you are away from the property for a long time, as a magnetic lock can maintain security for your property for that long period. 

As automated gates have gained popularity, most people have also considered using magnetic locks as they add some peace of mind to them

Aspects of using magnetic locks

Magnetic locks usually add some extra security to your automated gate. It also forms the simplest systems you can use to protect your property. We are ordinary chains carrying around 600-1300 of holding force. It makes it hard for anyone who wants to access this lock. 

  • It’s simple to install

With YNGC at your service, the magnetic lock installation process is quick and easy. We’ll always ensure they get the job precisely done for the first time. Since its installation process is quick and simple, magnetic locks can be added to new gate installation systems.

  • It’s indestructible

With the right tools and enough effort, it may be easy to cut the regular chains. However, unlike regular chains, magnetic locks are durable. Magnetic locks hold up to virtually anything; therefore, it might be different to cut the magnetic locks installed with YNGC.

  • Easy and convenience

Once installed, magnetic locks are easy and convenient to use. However many things magnetic locks provide for you, you don’t have to break a bank to do anything. There’s no learning procedure to use magnetic locks, making them easy and convenient. YNGC can get magnetic lock installation to your automated gate without you needing to keep track of it or hesitating for the risk of breaking or losing it. On the other hand, chains are heavy, cumbersome, and inconvenient, and you don’t need to deal with them daily. That’s why magnetic locks are the most convenient option. 

  • Aesthetic addition

Magnetic lock systems form a perfect addition to any automated gate system as they don’t beg for much attention. In addition, they also blend perfectly with your gate, considering the overall aesthetic. Unlike other systems, magnetic locks don’t stick out like a thumb.

magnetic locks for gates

The YNGC difference

Whenever you need a magnetic lock installation, it’s always essential to ensure you get the best solution that meets all your expectations. That’s where YNGC comes with a team full of experts who ensure the job is precisely done for you to enjoy the added security.

  • Years of experience

The YNGC team has over 50 years of collective experience in gate installation. Over the years, they’ve gained and learned all the ins and outs of automated gate systems, therefore, understanding the whole process and how to make that process as efficient and straightforward as possible. With honed skills over the years, do you have a reason to let YNGC implement those years of experience to work for you? When you’re dealing with something as important as security, you want a team that knows what it’s doing. You always deserve the best solution possible.

  • We Value clients’ interests.

With an experienced team’s help, YNGC never rushes any installation process to ensure your magnetic locks will add safety to your property. We work to cut off the need to call several companies for the task. As clients’ satisfaction matters, We are also ready to address clients’ concerns and queries related to security gate systems and remote control systems before getting the work done.

  • We Take care of everything

With YNGC, the job doesn’t end at the installation stage. We also offer all other gate-related solutions to their clients. If you always look forward to keeping things simple, you shouldn’t need to look for several companies, as YNGC offers much beyond magnetic locks installation. We’ll also offer routine maintenance every six months and provide repairs if your gates ever need some extra attention.


Are you ready to enjoy an extra level of security? If yes, then YNGC’s specialized team is that you need extended assistance from magnetic locks installation to all aspects regarding automated gate solutions. Do not let your gate stay broken, as you can contact YNGC today to start a conversation about your security needs. We’ll help you gain the security that your property deserves.