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Keypad systems

As automated gate systems have gained popularity, keypad systems have become the most convenient way of gate security. With the keypad security system, you need to punch a numerical security code into the keypad, which triggers the release switch, and the gate opens. Like other security systems, the keypad allows you to control people’s access to the promises as an incorrect security code system keeps the gate firmly closed. 

Who can use the keypad?

Keypad tends to be among the oldest security systems yet simplest for automated gates. Therefore this forms one reason why most people would still consider it. let’s check out a few examples of who can use the keypad

  • Families

As much as most families would consider remotes or card systems, others will consider keypad systems. Keypad systems are convenient and best work for families of all sizes. Like you’d give cards and a remote to the family members, you can also give the security code to each member who needs it for keypad systems. 

  • Large commercial property owners

Typically, many people need property access for large commercial properties, and they are also people who are denied access to the same. Therefore keypads can best work under such a scenario to ensure everyone gets the access they need as different people are assigned different security codes. 

  • Apartment building owners

Apartments are typically residential areas where people come in and out several times each day. While not all residents get to work for five to nine hours, there might be packages or food needed to be delivered to the apartment. It usually causes unnecessary movement into the premises; hence most apartment building owners would consider installing keypad systems to restrict the movements. It’s the simplest security system that ensures security and protection of all residents without any complications

Keypad systems: Why Choose YNGC?

With all matters addressed to keypad systems, it’s also essential to know why you should rely on YNGC for everything concerning gate security systems. based in Atlanta, YNGC has the specialized team you’d rely on 

  • Over 50 years of extended experience

With over 50 years of experience in providing entry card and transmission services, you are assured of safety as they have a specialized team that works to meet your demands. They’ve also installed plenty of entry card transmitters over the years; therefore, they know everything about gate installation security systems. They assure you that you’ll get a job well precisely. 

  • They are committed to their client’s satisfaction.

To maintain a great reputation, YNGC always puts customers’ needs ahead of everything and provides solutions that exceed clients’ needs. They deliver the installation services at per since clients need not settle for less. Therefore, for all gate installation extended services, do not hesitate to contact YNGC as all clients’ issues matter to them. 

  • They Handle Everything

After a successful gate installation, YNGC takes care of matters relating to automated gate systems. From regular maintenance to magnetic lock installation and diagnostics to troubleshooting, you only need to contact YNGC. Their team will respond to your issues that need assistance. 

Keypad Systems

Why would you use a keypad security system?

The keypad can effectively be used in automated gates. But most people tend to rely on it based on its convenience and simplicity on top of keeping the premises safe. Here are other reasons why you can rely on keypad systems. 

  • It easily combines with other systems

The keypad can easily work with other gate security systems. The keypad protects you from intruders, but you won’t do the same for your guests. you can combine it with other security systems. It allows you and your family to use the keypad code while using a buzzer system such that your guests can buzz in, and you can open the gate remotely. You can also use telephone entry to let your guest even when you are not around your premises. In addition, the keypad also works well with electric and magnetic locks; therefore, you may not have to sacrifice one at the expense of the other convenience. 

  • It can be used in any automated gate

Since the keypad is a simple security system, it can be installed in any automated gate. It is possible since its installation process is not much completed. Therefore you can get keypad installation serviced quickly and start using it as soon as possible. 

  • Simplicity to Persons with access, tough to intruders

Keypads are typically simple for you while tough for intruders as access is only granted to persons with the code. On the other hand, those without the code will always be left in the cold behind closed gates as it’s also not easy to guess the codes.

  • You’ll have nothing to carry around, lose or misplace

Unlike entry cards and remote controls, there’s nothing you need to carry around with you with the keypad. It, therefore, reduced the risk of losing or misplacing anything. If such a case happens, it may be hectic for you and your family to keep track of the remote control or entry card. It makes it the best security system for those people who don’t wish to move around carrying many things with them. 


With the fascinating facts we’ve gathered for you about keypads, are you ready to get started with keypad installation at your automated gate? Are you still undecided about what security system will best meet your demands? Do you have burning questions or need to make more inquiries about automated security system services? If you consider either or both of the above aspects, then YNGC should be your perfect partner as soon as you get started. It all involves the initial installation process to help you figure out the systems you may need. They always ensure they provide you with automated gate services. With endless reasons why you should consider YNGC, you should; therefore; you are always free to contact them and request your free estimate to find out what the specialized team can do for you.