Gate Buzzers Systems

Gate Buzzer Systems

With all the rising aspects to maintain your property security, you must control who grants permission to access your property. Gate buzzers give you a simple and easy way to control your property’s security by keeping intruders away and letting in your guests. Everyone may be familiar with buzzers as they are popular in apartments and similar buildings. How do gate buzzers work? They work by allowing the guest to buzz from outside and you to open while inside. It best works for individuals making delivery requests, party house holiday guests, family and friends, and other people who need access to the property but lack control. 

Who can use gate buzzers

Many people can use gate buzzers in their automated gates as they are simple and versatile. The best work for any property with automated gates. Let’s check out people and places that can use gate buzzers

  • Homeowners

YNGC has installed gate buzzer systems for homeowners who enjoy the convenience that comes with the system. While not everyone who enters your home will be a part of your household, you may also have made some deliveries requests, anticipating guests and relatives at any time. Since these people will keep coming and going, it doesn’t mean homeowners should sacrifice their security. Gate buzzers assure homeowners security and convenience regardless of people visiting their premises, be it delivery drivers or invited friends over for a party. Homeowners can keep their homes safe by granting permission to only those who need property access. 

  • Apartment complex

The apartment complex industry also uses gate buzzers commonly. Typically, these are the most common places to find gate buzzer systems. They usually house a lot of people, expecting guests or deliveries. The gate buzzer system installed at the automated gates allows residents to let in people who need access. It also lets potential new tenants ring into the main office to access tours.

  • Commercial Buildings

In a standard setting, some commercial buildings require more security than others. Commercial buildings with automated gates will always have extra protection. like homesteads and apartment complexes. These commercial buildings also receive deliveries and other business-related arrivals, some of which only need one-time access. A gate buzzer situation in commercial buildings provides the best solution that safeguards all matters.

  • Government Buildings

Government buildings tend to require added security provided with automated gate systems. Like commercial buildings, government buildings may also receive people who only need one-time access. As much as automated gates provide extra security to these buildings, the gate buzzer system provides a convenient way that only grants access to specific people who need permission.

Why should you consider gate buzzers

There are many aspects of using gate buzzers in your automated gates. Let’s check out some of the tips that answer the question, ” why use gate buzzers?”

  • It only allows secure entry

Gate buzzer provides quick and easy entry to those who need it. As much as you want to keep intruders away, you don’t have to leave any of your guests out in the cold. It still grants you complete control over your property’s security to decide who enters and doesn’t. Gate buzzers, therefore, provide you with safety and convenience. 

  • Easy to combine with other systems

Gate buzzers have also gained popularity since they can easily be combined with other gate systems. It can be combined with a card entry system, a keypad, or any other system for your main source of entry without any complications. In addition, you can add the gate buzzer system for your guests. 

  • It’s simple and secure

Gate buzzers tend to be the perfect solution for those people who’d go for simplicity. While YNGC offers several secure entry systems, including card entry, remote control telephone entry systems, and other systems, the gate buzzer system is one of the simplest ways to let guests onto your property. Unlike the keypad, there are no extra numbers to memorize, which makes it an uncomplicated system. Its operations are simple as guests can only buzz in with a simple button. You can let them in with minimal effort and time. 

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What makes YNGC outstanding

As much as all security matters are considered, you can rely on YNGC for a proper installation of gate buzzer systems with a world-class solution.

  • Years of experience

Gate buzzers being among the oldest types of gate technology, various mechanisms have evolved, but the systems have remained the same. It’s because they are a very reliable security system for automated gates. With extended years of experience YNGC, have been installed gate buzzer systems for hundreds of clients. Therefore, we understand the ins and outs of these systems, as we gained expertise in the industry over the years. Whenever you want the most secure and convenient entry system, don’t hesitate to let us know, and our team will respond to you concerning gate buzzers.

  • They handle everything

If you consider gate buzzers as your preferred system, YNGC gets you its installation of your gate, but the job doesn’t end from there. We care for all your gate needs, from automated gate installation to maintenance, repairs, and inspections. We work precisely to cut your need to call several companies to take care of one gate.

  • Committed to Client Satisfaction

Since customers always ensure business existence, YNGC is committed to client satisfaction by providing what they need. It has helped them build a great reputation and have a high client satisfaction rating. They are a great choice based in Atlanta as we always provide world-class services to clients.


Whether you want to add a gate buzzer to your automated gate or need full installation systems that include a gate buzzer, the YNGC team is always ready to respond to your case and provide you with everything you’ll need. Call (404)242-5639 today and start by making your estimates.