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Gate automation services

When considering gate automation services, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to handle the project for you, as security should always be top-notch. Whether you need to secure a commercial or residential home, you don’t have to settle for less. YNGC is here with a highly specialized team to help you handle the project and deliver the quality services you deserve.

Why should you consider gate automation services

Before you get started with your project, it’s always good to ensure you understand the need to choose automation services. With automation services, electric gates will bring several benefits to your property. Let’s check out some of why you should choose gate automation services to secure entry to your premises.

  • Safety

The main benefit of gate automation is keeping your premises safe. It forms a simple yet improvised system that protects your premises from intrusions, vandalism, thefts, and crimes. It generally gives you peace of mind letting you have peaceful nights knowing your family and property are secure.

  • Deliveries and Visitors

Gate automation puts control back in your hands where it belongs. It becomes easy for you to control people and grant access to your premises. With a security system such as a keypad, remote control, and telephone entry, among other options, you’ll be the one to control who to let into your premises. While you can deny access to intruders, you don’t have to do the same for your guest, friends, or delivery drivers.

  • Convenience

Gate automation is generally convenient by nature, making its usefulness top notch. Unlike gate doors, gate automation is more convenient as you don’t need to open and close the heavy gate doors by yourself a couple of times a day. With gate automation, you can open your gate anywhere, saving you time and energy. 

  • Adds value to your property

Gate automation will always add value to your property, which will increase your curb appeal, and they can get you a better price whenever you decide to sell your house. The extra security will also form a major selling point to your potential buyers and will increase its investment value. 

Gate automation


Motions from humans, animals, and cars sensors prevent gates from closing or opening and causing harm or death. Therefore, installing underground driveway sensors will prevent gates closing on cars and open the gates on the way out.

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Types of gates

While choosing YNGC for gate automation services, there are several kinds of gate options to choose from before getting started with the project. Let’s check out some of the gate types

  • Overhead Gates: they operate similarly to garage gates. They lift at a 90-degree curve.
  • Slide Gates: it is the most popular gate choice. It slides back and forth to allow access. 
  • Swing Gates: this kind of gate operates as the name reads. They swing open and closed on hinges, much like doors.
  • Vertical Pivot Gate: Also known as a Tomahawk gate this is a stationary gate that lifts up to 90 degrees 

With endless types of gate models and brands, YNGC never runs short of options for your entry protection needs. If you are ready or yet to figure out your preferred gate type, you only have to contact YNGC and let us handle the rest. We will ensure that you get the perfect gate for your home or complex.

Entry type

What kind of entry you should consider for your premises? Let’s check out several options you can consider:

  • Remote Controls: they are the most popular and simple entry system. It works by pressing the button on the remote, and the gates open.
  • Entry Cards are usually a great choice for commercial buildings and apartment complexes, and they are durable cards that can be stored inside a wallet or pocket. The card works by being held next to the card reader, and it triggers a release switch that opens the gate.
  • Telephone Entry System: it’s usually combined with other options like keypads and entry cards. It grants you access to visitors and delivery drivers from your phone.
  • Gate Buzzers: they form a popular choice among businesses. It allows visitors to press a button to let you know that they’ve arrived. If they have permission to enter, you can open the gate inside the premises.
  • Fob System: they work like remote control, but the button is on a fob that you can put on a keychain.
  • Keypads: they are popular and simple. You only have to input the correct code, and the gate opens.
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Why should you choose YNGC?

Based in metro Atlanta, YNGC provides a wide range of gate automation to their clients with the best possible solution and services to safeguard their security interests. 

  • Experience level

YNGC has over 65 years of collective knowledge and experience in gate automation. We know everything about electric gate installation. With trained, experienced, and expert technicians, we provide a smooth and simple installation process. 

  • Customer-focused approach

YNGC always puts our clients’ interest ahead of anything else. Considering our clients as a top priority, we do everything possible to ensure we meet client satisfaction. 

  • Extended services

Automatic gate installation isn’t the only job YNGC can do for you. When it comes to electric gates, they are your one-stop-shop as we provide regular gate maintenance to keep your gates running smoothly for years to come. We can get it done if you also need diagnostics and repair for a major gate problem. In addition, we ensure all of your automated gate needs are covered from start to finish.


If you are ready to experience the difference that gate automation can bring to your property, do not hesitate to contact YNGC and make your estimate. Don’t let that gate of yours stay broken. Call now. (404)242-5639