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FOB systems

The automated gate has gained popularity among homeowners, commercial, and apartment owners. Many would choose it as an excellent option to meet their security interests. Once you’ve selected automated gates, the next thing to consider is the entry system that will best work for you. Have you thought of FOB? Like a key fob unlocks your car door, your gate fob unlocks and opens your automated gate. The system works just like a remote-control system as you can open your gates by pressing a button, and you’ll get instant access to your property. Like a remote-control system, it also gives you control to keep intruders outside and protect your property, only that the difference between a fob and a remote is in size and shape. A gate fob resembles your car key fob and can fit onto a keychain and be carried wherever you go without complications.

Who can use a FOB System?

Many people would still choose the fob system based on its ease and convenience. The system works best for homes and properties where only a few people need to access the property. On the other hand, key cards or keypads work best for larger commercial buildings, apartments, and government buildings. however, let’s check out some of the most common fob users, and at the end of the day, it will be easier for you to weigh up your options and decide the system that will best work for you.

  • Homeowners

FOB systems tend to be more popular with homeowners than anyone else. It’s an excellent choice when there’s a need to protect private property, as people would always want the one as simple as possible. Therefore, Fobs provides safety and simplicity to homeowners. Each family member can also have their fob to grant them easy access as they wish.

  • Property Owners

While not all property involves homeownership, some individuals own small buildings or similar places that may need to be protected. If you are not going to visit the premises frequently, it will be essential to ensure your property stays protected while you’re away. For that matter, a fob system is a convenient way to do that.

  • Frequent Travelers

Suppose you have a couple of travel schedules to attend to. In that case, it’s a good idea to have a fob system for your automated gate since they are extremely portable and convenient to carry. You can carry them in a purse, pocket, or on your key chain for easy access. If you’re traveling in more than one vehicle throughout the day, fobs are generally convenient and an excellent choice.

The fob system doesn’t limit anyone from using it as long as they’ve installed the fob system in their automated gates. Therefore, they’re also versatile and work well for a lot of scenarios, so people always choose them for their gates.

Why use a FOB System?

Like any other system, Fob systems can also meet many security needs. Here are just some of the reasons why many people choose a fob entry method.

  • Can Easily Combine with Other Systems

As much as other entry options are considered, the fob system can easily be combined with other systems without any complications and still work effectively. If a fob system is your preferred option, you may also choose to combine it with a gate buzzer system so that it becomes easy to let guests onto your property. This simplicity lends the fob system to fit these combinations nicely.

  • Grants You Total Control for Total Security

With a fob system, only the person with the system can access and decide when the gates open and close by a simple press of the button. It keeps intruders without a fob outside and behind the closed gates. This way, you are guaranteed the total control and security for your property’s safety is in your own hands. You also have full control to decide who enters your property and who doesn’t.

  • Convenience

A fob is small and can fit onto a keychain, making it easier for you to move around with it as you’d also take your car keys. This convenience makes it a simple and compact system that can go virtually anywhere. Since you can put your gate fob on a keychain, you are assured that you can keep it from misplacing or getting lost. If you think of a remote-control system but hesitate to lose it, then the fob provides an excellent alternative.

electric gate opener with keypad

The YNGC Difference

You’ve decided on a fob system for your automated gates. Now, who can you rely on to perform the installation services of your new system? Yes, YNGC is a great choice. They’ll provide the best service that will meet your desires with their dedicated team. YNGC has always stood out in the market in providing gate fobs and other gate-related needs.

  • Years of collective experience in gate installation.

With over 65 years of collective experience, the YNGC team has learned all the ins and outs of automated gate systems. Since they know the process and how to make it as efficient and straightforward as possible, our technicians’ honed skills are head and shoulders above the competition. Whenever you’re dealing with something as important as security, rest assured you can count on YNGC to deliver first class service and solutions. 

  • They Handle It All

Whenever you’re ready to have your fob system installed, you’ll want a team that can take care of everything. That’s where the YNGC team comes in. They’ll take care of everything from gate installation to regular maintenance and troubleshooting. You don’t have to go to multiple companies when you can turn to YNGC for first-class and turn-key solutions

  • Clients Satisfaction

For YNGC, client satisfaction matters more than anything. We do everything we can to ensure that you get what you need. That’s why the metro Atlanta residents will always rely on us for their gate installation. There are many satisfied clients as proof that we provide amazing service; if you are ready to experience the same, the YNGC team is ready to get started with you.


If you are ready to start your gate fob systems, YNGC can make it happen for you. You can get started by requesting your on-site estimate with us today. You’ll get help concerning everything you need from your gates.