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Entry Gate Cards and Transmitters

With gate and transmitter services, you can always be sure of a simple gate system that’s simple and secure. It allows you easy access through your gates while also getting all the security needed to avoid intruders invading your property. 

It’s easy to use these entry cards by holding them up to a transmitter that reads your card and triggers a release switch. Your gate will open and close behind you once you enter your property. Gate and transmitters are perhaps the simplest and quickest entry solutions one can rely upon.

Who's eligible to use gate entry cards?

Gate entry systems usually work well for most people. While choosing automated gates, ensure you consider the one that safeguards all your interests. in a new gate company, for instance, there’s usually an installed gate entry card system that authorizes access to all people under all situations. The access is offered to all categories listed below:

  • Business Owners

Gate entry systems are most common among most business owners since most commercial buildings need extra security to safeguard expensive products or delicate information from illegal access. With card systems, business owners will have easy ways to grant authorization to specific people in and out of the property. 

  • Apartment Building Owners

Gate entry systems also work best for apartment buildings. Since apartment buildings are residential areas by nature, people will enter and exit the building several times, at different times of the day. Therefore, gate entry systems assure the safety and protection of residents’ properties. It only allows residents to enter and exit the premise as they wish but restricts non-residents from access without permission. 

  • Homeowners

Homeowners rarely use gate entry services. However, most homeowners would consider it as it gives permission to family members, each one having their card. 

Entry Cards and Transmitters

Aspects of using gate entry systems:

There are always different reasons for choosing entry card and transmission services. However, most people consider it to meet their security and safety needs. besides that, here are other aspects of why people use entry card systems


Typically, a group of employees, family, residents of an apartment building, or specific groups accessing the same place always exist. By considering all these cases, entry gate services still maintain security while giving access needed by each person. With multiple cards, entry cards can be given to anyone who may need them.


As much as you’d consider an entry gate for security and protection, also ensure to have durable cards. It will help you avoid unnecessarily duplicating each card break or rip. Moreso, these cards will always be used frequently; therefore, you’ll need a card that can hold up the consistent use and stand up to whatever you put them through. Usually, most of these key cards are made in hard plastic. They can also fit inside your wallet without any issues and withstand wear and tear. 


Another aspect of considering entry cards is that they need no memorization. However, some people would still consider keypads. But most people would rather avoid dealing with extra numbers in their lives. You may already have several numbers in your head; thus, memorizing one more would be difficult. In that case, it’s quite easy and efficient pulling a card from your wallet anytime you need to access the gate. 


With many aspects to consider, the entry card system is a quite simple and easy way to protect your property. However, a situation might arise where most people would require access to the same property, complicating things. But when such cases are raised with key cards and transmitter systems, it is always easier to get rid of the complications.  Considering these aspects, you should not let your property stay broken. You can call (404)242-5639 for the best solution at any time. 

Entry card and transmitters services: YNGC

Why should you rely on YNGC while considering entry card and transmitter services? They are metro Atlanta’s best choice for gate security, providing the best-automated gate services for the community. They always take pride in what they do to help neighbors keep themselves safe.

  • Extended experience in services provision

With over 50 years of experience in providing entry card and transmission services, you are assured of safety as they have a specialized team that works to meet your demands. They’ve also installed plenty of entry card transmitters over the years. Therefore they know everything about gate installation, assuring you that you’ll get a job well done.

  • They meet the client’s satisfaction.

With an experienced team’s help, YNGC never rushes any installation process to ensure your automated gate will add safety to your property. They work to cut off the need to call several companies for the task. As clients’ satisfactions matter, they are also ready to address their concerns and queries related to the entry gate and transmitter services and work done.

  • They take care of everything.

With YNGC, the job does not end after handling gate installation. They also offer their clients regular gate maintenance and repairs, if any. It may not be worth hiring someone who’d do less than a perfect job. They are highly focused on working in the best way possible to safeguard clients’ interests in the best way possible. They generally handle everything, providing excellent entry gate and transmitter services. In addition, they keep everything simple such that it may not be stressful in your life. 

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As the world is experiencing the quickest digitalization, entry cards and transmitters form the most efficient, effective, and simple digital means of property protection. Do you want to learn more about the choices available and what is the best solution for your unique situation? YNGC is always ready to take care of everything you need. Knowing that you’re getting the best protection, you can breathe a little easier with YNGC at your gate services. Do not hesitate to call when there’s a need and start by requesting your free estimate.