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YNGC is one of the leading gate automated services companies in metro Atlanta. We are famously known for our quality supply of automated gate systems to numerous clients, meeting their demands for years. With extended years of experience in the industry, we’ve managed to handle all types of gate automation, from installation to repair and maintenance of automated gate systems. If you experience any problem in your system, you don’t have to panic as you can contact YNGC, and our specialized team will get you back up and running without haste.

Are you looking to add an access-controlled security system to your property? Do you need a fully automated gate system? YNGC understands the importance of having top-notch security get the job precisely done as they are always keen on each step. With our great reputation, we should be the best choice for you whenever you need quality access control solutions.

About YNGC

With a clear understanding of secure and reliable access control systems, YNGC has a highly trained, skilled, and experienced team that handles all automation and security concerns.  Our team has expansive experience and confidence in installation, maintenance, and repair of most access control systems.

What can you expect from YNGC?

Gate Automation & Installation Services: YNGC installs most major gate electronics and automation brands.

Gate Repair & Maintenance: YNGC repairs & maintains all automated gates

Access Control Installation & Maintenance: YNGC installs and services most access control systems

Welding & Repair: YNGC has certified welders so on-site welding and repairs can be performed on all steel gates and fencing

IP Cameras: YNGC installs and services IP Camera Systems

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Protection and Convenience

Since security is essential for your property, your gate system should never interfere with your mental health or threaten your security. Whether you are protecting your home or business, it’s essential to ensure they are functioning in their optimal operating condition. You’ll need YNGC to provide you with top-level automated gate services.

When considering YNGC for your security needs you can rest assured of our quality services as we are confident and familiar with all types of automated gate and access control systems. Our team is always ready to assist you with top-notch and professional services on all your access control needs.

With a review of the YNGC website, you’ll see what we can do for you. Our excellent customer service and attention to detail has afforded us an enviable reputation in metro Atlanta for automated gate and access control services.

We handle access control in the smartest way possible

Since YNGC gained popularity as a top services provider for gate automation, we provide various solutions for homes, residential and commercial buildings.

Our broad range of services include:

  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Gate design and installation
  • Gate Fabrication
  • Electric Gate Repair
  • Gate Maintenance
  • Gate Automation
  • Access Controls
  • Intercom Keypads
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Vehicle and Human Sensor Installs
  • Phone Application Gate Opener Installation and Repair

What can YNGC do for you?

YNGC is always ready to offer you automated gate services that will properly work with you to combat all possible security issues. We have a specialized team that bases their expertise on a sound, step-by-step method to identify the problem and provide the solution. We also have a proper understanding of the inner workings of every type of automated gate system, therefore working confidently to ensure the job is done precisely. With our relevant skills and experience in the industry, we have helped many different clients with quality installation, maintenance, and repair services. 

While most people tend to ignore the aspects of automated gate maintenance, YNGC services include proper gate maintenance, so they function properly and withstand any possible problem. It also extends the service life of any automated gate system. If you need automated gate maintenance, the YNGC team is ready to provide you with world-class services to ensure your gate runs smoothly and remains reliable. 

Gate automation is one of the wisest options homeowners, business owners, or property owners can make for security reasons. It ensures safety and security while giving them full control of your surroundings. There’s no more hesitation whether a gate is open or closed and secure; gate automation adds convenience to your schedule, leaving you with peace of mind; and it adds value to your property. 

Whether you already know or are yet to know what entry option you should consider, here are some of the features a functions YNGC can add to your gate and secure its access,

  • Entry cards
  • Keypads
  • Remote Controls
  • FOB System 
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Gate Buzzers       

With these features, we can attest to gate automation as the most excellent security option as it brings security and convenience to your home, residential, or commercial building.

Manufacturers and Products that We Service and Install:

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Some of the aspects of working with YNGC

By working with YNGC you can rest assured of getting services from one of the best-known gate service providers in Atlanta. With a great reputation built from day one, here’s what you can rely on from us for automated gate services:


YNGC properly diagnoses and corrects most automated gate issues and problems easily. Most service provider companies will fumble around and tinker here and there to identify an issue. YNGC can identify the issue right away and know how to correct it properly. You’ll get the best possible automated gate service with the least downtime and disruption.

  • Client Satisfaction

YNGC has remained outstanding in the industry, known for its hard-earned reputation and positive client feedback. We get the job done, leaving clients satisfied and happy. Since we specialize in automated gate and access control services, our expertise and commitment to the customer are second to none.

  • Over 50 years of collective experience       

Since the commencement of services provisions, YNGC has worked with every type of gate system which equips us with knowledge about all the major gate brands and their problem areas. Regardless of the type of automated gate system you have in place, the chances are high that we are familiar with it, its operation, and its weaknesses. Our extended years of experience and wealth of knowledge give you added advantages of working with YNGC

  • Keen to details.

YNGC will not cut corners with your automated gate repair needs as we always assure you a quality job. We can quickly diagnose the problem and take care to provide a permanent solution as our techs pay close attention to detail. Since automated gate systems are complex, YNGC takes time to ensure that all parts are working properly before the repair is complete.

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The YNGC team is on your side when you have access control needs. Find out why YNGC is Atlanta’s most trusted source for gate automation and access control solutions. Get in touch with us today to request your estimate.