7 Advantages of Cutting-Edge Access Control Solutions

When you install advanced access control, you’re automating activities and securing your facilities for the future.

There are various advantages of employing access control solutions. When you implement state-of-the-art access control, you’re automating operations and future-proofing your facility. 

Universities, for example, do not wish to continue operating on obsolete electronic cards. However, modernizing campus systems is not a simple task. You don’t want to waste time and money updating outdated, inefficient equipment. So, how can you profit from cutting-edge solutions?

  • Simple Interface: You can easily combine your security system with CCTV surveillance, Electronic Visitor Management, Intrusion Detection, Fire Alarm, and Elevator Control by integrating state-of-the-art access-control systems. Access control systems may be combined with corporate IT systems to limit the danger of illegal access and data breaches. Effective access control is critical for protecting your company from expensive interruptions and fraud. One recent poll found that integration firms had high hopes for the access-control industry in 2014. Some integrators anticipate that 2014 will be even better than 2013, with a 60 percent rise in the number of clients they will serve. The surge from last year’s 16% is encouraging for the business. The ease of integration of cutting-edge access control technologies is critical to the success of a security solution.

  • Utilization of an Existing ID Badge for a Single Badge Solution: Using an existing ID badge for a single card solution will help you save money and simplify the process of providing a single ID to each team member. It is possible to utilize an existing laminated or printed paper ID badge. This might be an excellent alternative for individuals who need to create extra IDs quickly. Furthermore, this method removes the requirement to buy hardware and software. ID badges are not a new idea, but touchless developments have raised the need for identification. Employees, students, and patients must not only be able to establish their identity, but these IDs must also be secure and offer monitoring and access. In other words, using an ID badge is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

  • Above and Beyond Conventional Doors: Aside from standard doors, cutting-edgeaccess control solutions may increase security and save energy expenses. These systems incorporate 4K resolution security cameras that record the activities within the structure. Furthermore, access-control gear put on outside doors serves as a welcome mat for authorized guests and the first line of defense for the organization. Many firms greatly value their personnel, corporate assets, and data security. An EAC system consists of a card reader and an access control panel. When the panel gets a signal from the card reader, it decides whether or not to open the door for a specific user. This data is then kept on an access control server. The server keeps track of who enters and departs the building and where they join. A server may be located on a dedicated computer, in the cloud, or even in the card reader.

  • Cloud-Based Access Control: Businesses no longer need to worry about on-site servers or IT support since cloud-based solutions store data in distant, off-site facilities. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions enable customers to view and change security settings from their cellphones. Businesses may also automate operations such as employee onboarding and termination. They may prevent human resource catastrophes by automating security procedures.Compared to conventional access control systems, cloud-based solutions need less maintenance and are more scalable. They may also be readily integrated with other security systems, making installation a snap. A cloud-based access control solution will also improve staff cooperation while reducing personnel requirements. Finally, these systems guarantee employment security.

  • QR-Code Scanners: A QR-code scanner can identify visitors, monitor their movements, and more. The use of a QR-code scanner is not restricted to enterprises. A QR code might direct you to a website, social networking account, or music collection in many circumstances. The options are limitless.

    • This form of security system is inexpensive
    • QR-code scanners need minimal equipment and can be set up quickly.
    • They also lower your company’s carbon impact by eliminating the need to print individual employee cards.
    • QR-code scanners also help you manage individuals better and limit access to certain places.
    • You may use these security technologies to guarantee that everyone follows safety standards, keeps the environment clean and safe, and safeguards your assets from unwanted access.
The capacity of a QR-code scanner to read binary codes enhances its ability to read codes. A QR code reader may identify a specific code by searching for three huge squares. After deciphering the code, the gadget will divide it into a grid. This grid will then assign values to the squares, including the final one. If the code is scanned correctly, it can read up to 16 QR codes at once.
  • Mobile Access Control: Companies can manage credentials from mobile devices thanks to modern technologies. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has become a standard element in access control systems, enabling access readers to connect with mobile devices. NFC does have restrictions, such as a restricted communication range. Fortunately, this technology has numerous additional benefits, such as convenience over traditional cards.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cloud-based access control systems provide various benefits for enterprises. They may be modified and seamlessly integrated without the need for costly hardware and upkeep. Companies with many sites may monitor their security from a single device, and some cloud-based solutions even provide notifications if suspicious behavior is identified. Consequently, these systems may be both cost-effective and adaptable to the demands of any organization. And, since they can be expanded to accommodate any number of people, they can grow with the firm.


Small and medium-sized enterprises often need access control solutions to safeguard their physical assets and virtual infrastructure. 

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